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Topic: Best Practices in Innovation

When: November 12 at 9 a.m. Mountain Time

Summary: Innovation thrives when we have the right environment and the right tools. The first three webinars have focused on creating the environment for innovation. The last webinar in our series will focus on giving you some tools to help you grow and develop as an innovation practitioner. 

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Innovation In Mission Event Video

Most organizations value innovation and desire to see its rewards. But few are able to make innovation part of their culture. This web event was designed to help you as a nonprofit look for practical ways to make innovation work for you and generate Kingdom impact.

On April 20, 2018, we held the first Innovation In Mission live web event on International Creativity and Innovation Week. Click the image below to watch the video:

How Did the Event Go?

If you are interested in a few of the statistics from the Innovation In Mission live web event, take a look at this online infographic for some perspective. 

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Innovation Framework - Webinar 1

This first webinar (on May 29) in the series introduces the concept of an Innovation Framework and the analogy of the train. In this webinar we focused on engaging stakeholders (the tracks) and vision/culture (the engine).

Innovation Framework - Webinar 2

The second webinar in our series called Building an Innovation Framework focused on lifelong learning as a key element of an organization that can be innovative in their work. 

Innovation framework - Webinar 3

The third webinar in our series focuses on understanding the role of failure and risk in our innovation efforts. We will talk about how to build a Theology of Failure and how to then have healthy discussions about risk within your organization. 

Innovation Framework - Webinar 4

We all need to go beyond theory and get practical wisdom and tools for complicated tasks Innovation is no different. This webinar gives you a variety of tools, activities and processes that will help you design your innovation project.