About Us


Our Mission

Generous Mind partners with thought leaders and organizations to develop and release their ideas to the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower thought leaders and organizations with the understanding, the capacity and the tools to share their ideas with the world.

Our Approach

Generous Mind is committed to a holistic approach to releasing ideas. This means that we work toward the end goal of getting an idea from a concept to something that truly impacts people.

Cause, Content, Community
Every effective idea needs three things:

  1. A cause—something bigger than the person or organization that other people can join and get involved with
  2. Content—this includes any products developed around this idea and its cause
  3. Community—the right group of people who will engage in the cause and will be ready for any products that are created to resource this group 

Meet the Founders

Jon and Mindy Hirst, the founders of Generous Mind, have a passion to help others be generous with their ideas. Graduates of Judson College with degrees in Communications, Jon and Mindy began their careers when digital content was in its infancy, working together to build a strong suite of interactive youth and children’s products.

Jon went on to help organizations to understand their core messages and present them in relevant and powerful ways to those who need them most. This included leading innovations in mobile content delivery, online learning, social media initiatives, organizational rebranding, author marketing and cause-oriented community development.

Mindy went on to focus on bringing fresh perspectives to writing and editing a variety of projects including books, organizational communication and radio scripts.As coauthors of a book and developers of various causes, brands, web sites and products, Jon and Mindy have worked through some of the great challenges facing many organizations and thought leaders today and are excited to generously share these insights with their partners.

For over 20 years, Jon and Mindy have together, or as individuals served organizations such as the Global Publishing Alliance, the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Community Bible Study, SIM, Spoken Worldwide, Tyndale House Foundation, Bible League, Link Care Center, the Forum of Bible Agencies, Converge Worldwide, Bibles for the World, Waterstone, and Olive Technology. Along the way Jon and/or Mindy has been a part of innovative organizations such as GMI, One Hope, Devtech, Reach Beyond, Novo Ink and, most recently SIL International.