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What are Jon and J.D. Saying?

"A great irony exists: many leaders are asking innovation-related questions (e.g., How do I lead my church or agency through change?) but doing little about it. Questions are being asked, guidance is being offered, few people are courageous enough to do something about their concerns." Read more of JD's blog post here. 

"But just as humanity struggles to understand an infinitely creative God, we have also struggled to see how we might practice that creativity as creatures made in God’s image. Instead of relishing God’s refreshing new vision, we cling to the familiar and hold on to what we think we understand. Our minds crave control and our hearts desire certainty; neither of which God owes us. Thus, I believe the term “kingdom innovation” can serve a real purpose to describe the creative force within God’s kingdom in such a way that we can appropriate it and begin to practice it as we join God on his mission." Read more of Jon's blog post here. 


This conversation is sponsored by Innovation In Mission, an annual Live Web event focused on innovation for nonprofit leaders and practitioners. 

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Conversations on Kingdom Innovation

Are you exploring how to engage in innovation with a Kingdom perspective?  If so, you have come to the right place. On this page you can register for our next Kingdom Innovation Conversation and watch the videos from past conversations. 

Jon Hirst and J.D. Payne will be hosting a total of 6 conversations that you can attend or watch later on this page. We hope you will join in. 

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Conversation 1 - The Biblical Mandate for Kingdom Innovation

Jon Hirst and J.D. Payne are holding six conversations on Kingdom Innovation and the role it has in the Christian Life. This first conversation is focused on the Biblical Mandate for innovation and how we as believers should view innovation as we live out our faith.