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Connecting with You

Thank you for taking time to visit this page. While Generous Mind is my ongoing effort to engage people with the importance of sharing their ideas, I am also in an active job search. Scroll down to download my Cover Letter, CV, an Infographic of my career and a Program & Product Inventory of my work. 

I am excited to connect with you. As an executive, I have seen the impact that comes at the intersection of innovation, ideation and integration. I have spent my career working in nonprofit and business settings designing solutions that create this very tangible impact. I am currently in a transition and seeking a role on a dynamic and interdependent leadership team where I can serve a worthy cause, learn through teamwork and utilize my skills and abilities.

Connecting on LinkedIn

I have invested time in representing my 20 years of experience in innovation, ideation and integration on LinkedIn. I hope my profile helps you get a sense for my background, experience and passion. 

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Over 20 years I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people around the globe on a variety of subjects. I invite you to explore my SlideShare Library.

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I use Twitter as a key tool to engage my community, highlight resources and connect people to my work and writing.